Property management

We manage over 6,000 residential and commercial units in Berlin for our clients at home and abroad. This area of business is split into property management for apartment owners’ associations, for individual apartment owners and tenancy services for sole owners of apartment buildings. This enables us to take into account the differing ownership structures and the multifaceted challenges of modern property management.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive management of the properties entrusted to us: a member of staff with main responsibility for each individual property is available to our clients as their direct point of contact; two further staff members are responsible for providing technical and business support respectively. In addition, we have our own specialist department to handle the new letting of apartments and commercial units.

The company’s own Modhaus software and an online service portal are unique features of our property management. While Modhaus assists us every day with successfully looking after the properties entrusted to us, the service portal offers our owners’ association and individual owner clients 24/7 access to all relevant documents and accounts.

Property management for owners’ associations

In this department we look after the members of apartment owners’ associations.

As the member of staff with main responsibility, the owners’ association manager is available to the apartment owners as a direct point of contact. By making regular property inspections, the manager is thoroughly familiar with the respective property and chairs the annual owners’ meetings. The conference rooms in our centrally located head office are available without charge for meetings with up to 30 participants.

Our lists of action to be taken are a special feature. They transparently document the resolutions passed by the owners’ association and form the requirements specification for our management services.

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Property management for individual owners

We can also take on the management of an individual owner’s rented out freehold apartment on his or her behalf (so-called Sondereigentumsverwaltung). This includes in particular the monthly collection of rent and the annual timely settlement of heating and running costs with the tenant. We also review tenancy agreements for any opportunities to adjust the rent and utilise these accordingly.

In the event of a change of tenant, staff in our own letting department manage the extensive process of reletting the apartment. This includes setting the new level of rent in consultation with the owner, entering into a new tenancy agreement based on our current template and managing the handover of the apartment to the new tenant.

Via our service portal we also provide owners of rented out apartments with online access to the monthly statements of the rental income surplus, which they are able to view and print out at any time.

Tenancy services

In our tenancy services department we look after owners of apartment buildings with no split ownership and of office and other commercial buildings. Our clients include investors both from Germany and abroad.

Together with the owner we draw up a strategy for managing and even monetising the property and then execute it on the owner’s behalf. Working closely with our letting department, we reduce vacancy levels and in the event of a change of tenant handle all moving-in and moving-out formalities. By regularly reviewing the tenancy agreements we identify any potential for increases in rent and duly implement these wherever desired by the owner.

As a result of our decades of experience in the modernisation and refurbishment of old Berlin apartment blocks, we are also an ideal partner whenever it comes to managing and carrying out extensive conversions.

As a further option we can also provide a monthly online report.

Service portal

Since the start of this year, we have been offering our clients an online service portal, making us one of the first owners’ association property management companies in Berlin to do so. This enables owners to view all key documents regarding their individual apartment owners’ association in a password-protected area, at any time and from anywhere. Management and services charge statements, minutes of owners’ meetings, budgets, tax certificates, the partition deed (Teilungserklärung), the energy performance certificate and the list of action to be taken, for example, are thus available to be viewed and printed out at any time to suit. The service portal also serves as an archive, in which documents of previous years are saved so they can be centrally accessed with ease.

Service portal

Owners of tenements or commercial properties, we provide their monthly house and the annual bill.

Tenancy portal


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